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Character Animation Services

Video Caddy (VCD) offers Character Animation Services that brings emotion, expression, personality, and motion to animated characters and creatures.
Character Animation

VCD’s Digital Character Animation Services

With a plethora of animation services , VCD is able to turn character concepts or sketches into brilliantly
animated characters that reflect the exceptional quality standards our team is known for.
Services include, but aren’t limited to:
  • Concept Art Creation

    AWA evolves characters out of the animation design process to create unforgettable main, secondary, and support characters out of original concepts. We can work from the most simplistic of ideas, or design from the ground up, always relying

  • Character Development

    AWA artists understand the complexity and depth of character development and understand the nuances of artistic elements that bring life to character personalities. We capture the right physical appearance for the character that

  • Character Modeling and Rigging

    AWA brings characters to life by creating physical features, skeletons, and bone structures for more realistically animated bodies and faces. Our modeling techniques focus on symmetry, simplicity, and mesh-toggling,

  • 2D Character Animation

    AWA creates hand-drawn characters through top digital software like Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro, depicting subtle motion changes for a fluid sequential playback. We utilize a minimal color scheme and lack of

  • 3D Character Animation

    AWA follows a three-stage process of modeling the character into a scene or background, creating the character layout and 3D animation, motion layer editing, and rendering using sophisticated computer graphics. Our approach to 3D character

Benefits of Partnering with a Leading
Character Animation Company

Companies in the U.K., North America, Australia, Europe, and the U.S. have benefited from
VCD’s creativity across both traditional and digital animation for over a decade:

Realistic Movement Cycles

Ensure your animated characters illuminate the screen with a realistically rendered walk and run cycles, traversal animations, actions, reactive movements, poses, and motion-based personality quirks.


Synchronize Audio

AWA can smoothly synchronize pre-existing audio, voiceovers, or dialogue to the character animation for a fluid, believable appearance of vocal expression.


Niche Animation Formats

AWA can digitally animate niche or specialized formats, such as comic books or manga art, using a digital approach to classic frame-by-frame animation that retains the raw and old-school charm of the original format.


Natural Motion for 3D Characters

Receive 3D character animation with movements based on real gravitational principles, physical build, balance, and movement follow-through for a more natural result.


Unlimited Styles

VCD works closely with our clients to carefully select from any number of animation styles to suit their vision and the personality of the character, from stop-motion and claymation to cutout, vector art, and flat design animation.


Organic Face and Speech Animation

Speech will not look erratic or irregular with VCD’s observational approach to face animation, for a more organic, emotional affect for character conversations, songs, monologues, and other vocal verbalizations.


What Our Client Say

Outsource to Video Caddy for Custom Character Animation Services

Video Caddy approaches large and small animation projects with a custom process that allows our clients to receive high quality, publication, and distribution ready animation regardless of their budget or timeframe. Our animation production capabilities and state of the art animation studio offers the foundation for the expertise exhibited by our qualified character animators.

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